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Visit the appeals and events page to see how Hebburn Helps will be helping and supporting you during the holidays. 

Hebburn Helps receives The Queen's Award For Voluntary Services

Hebburn Helps has been announced on the honours list as a recipient of The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service!
The highest award that is given in the UK for Voluntary groups and the equivalent of an MBE!!
Hebburn Help’s are extremely honoured that our work has been recognised for our role in helping those less fortunate in our community.
We would like to pay tribute to the hard work and commitment of all our volunteers past and present and to our amazing community who continue to support us In all that we do.

Hebburn Helps receives The Queen's Award For Voluntary Services

Please Help Others In Their Time Of Need!

Hebburn Helps works closely with local schools and local authorities to ensure food is available for the most vulnerable in our community.

During these times of uncertainty, we need people to help us more than ever to continue to provide help where it is most needed.

Please continue to help and donate or support our community in any way you can!

UHT Milk

Tins – Meat (Mince, Stewed Steak, Meatballs, Hotdogs, Corned beef), Fish (Tuna, Mackerel, Sardines), Custard, Rice Pudding, Soup, Beans, Spaghetti Hoops, Fruit, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Vegetables.

Jars –  Pasta Sauce, Curry Sauce, Jam, Sandwich Spread, Meat Pastes.

Dry Foods – Instant Mash, Rice, Pasta, Instant Noodles, Tea Bags, Coffee, Sugar, Biscuits, Gravy Granules, Crackers, Rice Cakes.

Consider Children – Fruit Juice, Baby Food, Cereals.

Also – Margarine/Butter, Bread.

Toiletries – Toothpaste,  Toilet Rolls, Shower Gel, Hand Soap, Baby Wipes, Nappies, Sanitary Protection, Deodorant, Washing Powder and let’s not forget Pet Food.

We are also grateful for anything else you think would help a family or person in need.

We have lots of freezer space and fridges so please donate what you can and support your community.

Donate Directly

Who we are

About Hebburn Helps

Hebburn Helps Community Food Bank and Crisis Response Team are a Voluntary Community Organisation that was set up to help local families who are finding it hard and are struggling to make ends meet.

We provide food parcels, adults clothing, kids clothing, baby equipment, toys, household items and more.

Hebburn Helps started in June 2015 and so far has helped individuals and families from our region in their time of need.

We are always looking for donations of food, clothes and anything else that others can use.

We appreciate everything that we receive, no matter how small it is, to us it is a big deal.

Hebburn Helps Crisis Response Team

How You Can Help

Trolley Full Of Food For Hebburn Helps

Hebburn Helps solely relies on donations from the general public. We receive no funding from Government and only a handful of our projects are partially supported by the local authority. There are a number of ways in which you can help us:

  • Do a food shop for us – as we are a food bank, we are constantly in need of tinned food, items with a long shelf life and toiletries. We even need pet food on occasion!
  • Drop items in our collection points in local supermarkets across the area.
  • Consider donating your old, good condition clothes and household items.
  • Organise a fundraising event.
  • Volunteer at our centre or at one of our events.

At the end of the day, we appreciate any and all help we receive. Hebburn Helps can’t continue to help our community without you!

Meet The Team At Hebburn Helps


Co Founder of Hebburn Helps

Angie at Hebburn Helps Crisis Response


Co Founder of Hebburn Helps

Hebburn Helps Voluteers

Hebburn Helps couldn’t run if it wasn’t for all the amazing volunteers who donate their time to help us. Including handing out emergency food parcels, keeping the food bank in orderly fashion or giving up their time during the school holidays to make sure that no child goes hungry whilst off school thanks to our holiday provisions scheme, they make Hebburn Helps what it is. While the pictures below only show a handful of them, we have many more who work behind the scenes to keep us going.

Volunteers at Hebburn Helps Crisis Response

Contact Hebburn Helps

Get In Touch

You can access Hebburn Helps via Coleridge Square (NE31 1QD) off Wordsworth Avenue. We have plenty of car parking spaces available.

Hebburn Helps
Hebburn Helps
URL: https://hebburnhelps.co.uk/

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Where To Find Us

Hebburn Helps Receives Support From Local Businesses

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